Challands Farm Boarding Kennels
Taking Personal Care Of Your Pets For Over 24 years

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Nottingham Boarding kennels

Deefa - Alaskan Malamute
Alsatian Nottingham Boarding
                                    Kennels Leo Nottingham Boarding
Cleo & Zoe

Zoe & Cleo at boarding
                                    kennels nottingham
Cleo & Zoe
beagle - harvey
Harvey - Bassett Hound
bull mastiff - billy
Lola - Bull Mastiff

bulldog - chester
George - British Bulldog

border collie - jerry
Sooty - Border Collie
border collie
Sooty - Border Collie
Central Asian Ovtchaka -
Gaston - Central Asian Ovtchaka

Pug - Lafayette
Lafayette - Pug
Rottweiller - Tony
Tony - Rottweiller
Notts boarding
                                      kennels - burmese mountain dog
Chester - Burmese Mountain Dog

Cockapoo at boarding kennesls
Freddy - Cockapoo
Rhodesian ridgeback at
                                    nottinghamshire boarding kennels
Khan - Rhodesian Ridgeback
boading kennels nottingham -
                                    rhodesian ridgeback
Khan - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Newfoundland at boarding
                                    kennels notts
Harry - Newfoundland
Sid at boarding kennels
Husky at boarding kennels
Shadow - Husky

Akita at boarding kennels
Storm - Japanese Akita
jack russell at boarding
                                    kennels notts
Labrador at challands farm
                                    boarding kennels nottingham
Nono - Labrador

Chupala at nottingham boarding
                                    kennels - challands farm
Labrador at notts boarding
                                    kennels challands farm
Nono - The Labrador
Belgian Shepherd at Boarding
                                    kennels notts
Molly - Belgian Shepherd

Golden Retriever at boarding
                                    kennels in nottingham
Murphy - Golden Retriever
St Bernard at nottingham
                                    boarding kennels
Wilbur - St Bernard
St Bernard at nottsb boarding
Wilbur - The St Bernard

Burmese mountain dog
                                      at nottingham boarding kennels
Gorgeous George - Burmese Mountain Dog
Pyrenean Mountain Dog at notts
                                    boarding kennels
Lagan - Pyrenean Mountain Dog
A pyrenean mountain dog at
                                    boarding kennels in nottingham
Lagan - The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Marley - Labradoodle
German Pointer
Otto - German Pointer
German Pointer at notts
                                    boarding kennels
Otto - German Pointer

German Shepherd
Emma - German Shepherd
Diesel - staffy puppy
Diesel - Staffordshire Puppy
Greta Dane
Lexi - Great Dane

Oscar - Cockapoo
japanese akita
Taz - Japanese Akita
Jack russell puppy
Toby - Jack Russell Puppy

Ben & Jerry - Bearded
Ben & Jerry - Bearded Collies
Barny - Cocker Spaniel Puppy
Barny - Cocker Spaniel Puppy
Max - Old English Sheep Dog
Max - Old English Sheep Dog

Lotta - Latvian Sheepdog
Lotta - Latvian Sheepdog
Noodle - Dachshund
Noodle - Dachshund
Ajax - Pomeranian
Ajax - Pomeranian

                                    - Doberman
Plutus - Doberman
Titus -
                                    Doberman Pinscher
Titus - Doberman Pinscher
Afghan Hound
Saffie - Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
Saffie - Afghan Hound

Challands Farm Boarding Kennels,
Radley Road,
Halam, near Southwell,
Notts NG22 8AS.

  Tel 01159 652073
Mobile 07890 763319

Open all year round

Open Monday to Saturday 9-5pm, Sunday 9-12 noon.
Please book an appointment to take a look around, to make sure
 we are available to give you our personal attention!

How To Train Your Dog Quickly And Easily

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch for any reason please do not
hesitate to contact us on
01159 652073 or  e-mail at

At Challands Farm  your pet always comes first.

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